Sunday, 4 June 2017


They wanted us to stop.
They wanted us to be afraid
To cancel public events, celebrations, festivals
They wanted us to run scared, hide, refuse to be ourselves,
They wanted us to adapt the way we lived.

But we didn’t
We grew
We carried on
We defied them
We loved each other more
Helped each other live
Did exactly what they didn’t want
Their hate helped our humanity shine
Because we will not hide in the shadows, in fear of the loathing few
We will go on
Being even better people
Helping each other, being there for each other, praying for each other.
Because while some try to shut us down, we will rise up
To show that you will not win
Not stop us
We carry on, wiser, stronger, more learned than before 
Weeping for the casualties, praying for the lost,
Whose light will shine forever.
And that is what you must know
That no matter how you try
What you do
We will not stop
For that is our power and strength
We open our doors for each other,
Offer aid to each other,
Love each other,
And defy you.

We live.

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