Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016, dear.

2016 - it’s been quite a fright,
Brexit and Trump, Boris on a bike.
Bowie and Cohen, George Michael too,
Many more legends – it doesn’t seem true.

It’s not all been bad, there’s happy times too,
Murray on form, Leicester City won – phew.
And at the Olympics, Team GB did great,
And Strictly smashed X Factor right off the slate.
I’ve spent lots of time with friends far and wide,
Saying this year we could no more abide,
Wising our time away, isn’t it sad?
But now it is here - 2017 we’re glad.

I’m hoping for fun, diversity too,
I know we are out, but I’m always EU.
Let’s all try and laugh, whatever your name,
Because in the end, we are all just the same.

By Westendproducer.
Wishing you all a marvellous new year, dear.


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